The Benefits of our Gan:


  • Knowing who your child is in school with.

  • Being part of a Gan that runs the entire year – we have a 12 month program.

  • Our Gan is in a safe and Torah true environment.

  • We offer flexible, longer, hours to suit your schedule, and your child’s needs.

  • Being as our Gan is specifically for our community, all the children are from similar backgrounds.

  • We will try to accept all children, and make sure they are at the proper stage to move forward in schooling.

  • Our staff members, and teachers, will give one on one time to each child.

  • We will incorporate as much fun and joy as is possible, to make the learning experience a positive, pleasant one for the children.

  • Our Gan is free from outside environment.

  • We will provide the correct Hashafakah for the children to continue in proper Jewish, Torah, schools.

  • Our level of education is based on the individual child.  Each child will learn, and grow to their fullest potential.



Our Goals:


  • By the end of the school year, the child will be able to read the proper amount of Hebrew so as to enter 1st grade.

  • Our Secular & Judaic studies will be to the highest standards.

  • Our main focus is middot – character development, and proper manners.


Our Policy:


  • Our school is for beginner students.  Therefore, if a child has been to another school, we cannot accept them.

  • This Gan is specifically for Shuvah Israel Torah Center synagogue members.

  • All children, from our community, are welcome.

  • We reserve the right to accept, or refuse, any students.

  • Exceptions may apply, depending on the cirucmstances.