Rabbi Dr Yonah Solaiman Tehrani 

Rabbi Dr. Yonah Solaiman Tehrani studied in Baltimore, MD at Ner Israel Rabbinical College where he received a Bachelors degree in Talmudic Law and concurrently studied Pre-medicine at Johns Hopkins University. Rabbi Tehrani received his medical degree from Technion Faculty of Medicine in Haifa, Israel with a thesis published in Clinical Transplantation Journal. His primary clinical interests are internal medicine and general cardiology. He has also received special training in Medical Halacha and Ethics.  Rabbi Tehrani has been honored as alumnus of the year at Yeshiva Aaron Yaakov Ohr Eliyahu in 2013 and is the recipient of the Humanitarian Award from the Jewish Federation.


Rabbi Tehrani has always been heavily involved with youth work and is passionate about Jewish education. In 2001 he founded and directed the youth program at Ohr Haemet’s Synagogue in Los Angeles that was exciting, engaging, and inspiring. He has served as a resident advisor in Baltimore, MD at Talmudical Academy’s High School where he prepared children for the challenges they would face upon graduation. He continues to tutor children of all ages in areas of Chumash, Gemara and other studies and has prepared boys for their Bar Mitzva. 


Rabbi Tehrani’s wife, Rivka, from Jerusalem, Israel is a certified teacher under the Chief Rabbinate of Israel with specialization in Taharat Hamishpachah and also holds a bachelors degree in Accounting and Information Systems from Machon Tal in Jerusalem, Israel. They are blessed with three beautiful children, Moriah, David Noam, and Talia. Rabbi Tehrani can be reached at yonahtehrani@gmail.com.


8853 Pico Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90035  Phone: (213) 534-7271