Our goal is to create a community where we can find all the needs for our families so as to help the community grow.  We do   this in the authentic Sephardic tradition - putting together Torah, Secular education, and Midot.  We make it possible to find   all of these in one place.  This can show itself in many aspects, and thus, make our mission statement a reality.  Our main   focus is on doing this TOGETHER.  Making a circle of Torah, Community, Education, and Sephardic tradition.  By working   together we can accomplish our goal of having a clear path – With one leader and one plan.  Making sure there is no one   without a place to stay, a place to learn, assistance with a shidduch, or whatever community needs there might be.  Teenagers  in need of guidance can find help in our community.  If we are a community we can do it.  The important factors   are; who participates in the shul, which children are in school with your children, and who to invite/go to on Shabbat.    If we   are all on one page, as one community, this all works out.  Accepting everyone in the community – regardless of who they   are,  how much they make, or where they come from, is all part of the community aspect of Shuvah Israel Torah Center.  Our goal is to understand one another, and yet, move forward in our Torah growth.